1. JR (a920237@zipi.fi.upm.es)
    Madrid, Spain
    Date: 4 September 2001
    Summary: Great remembers, old times always were better
    An ex-Beatle in the new Cavern Club, 40 years later, the ancient place remains
    one of the greatest moments in the music history.
    The concert is part of the "Run Devil Run" mini-tour, so it's full of oldies
    goldies rock'n'roll hits. The interpretation is brilliant, and has that
    old-fashioned taste of the 60s, even Paul is playing his old Hoffner bass from
    the Beatles era.
    Unfortunately Paul ain't got 20, so he can't twist and shout like he used to
    do in the true Cavern Club, and when he sings "I saw her standing there",
    we got those great remembers assuring that old times always were better.
    Paul, keep on rocking, every Beatles fan is waiting for your acting.

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