"The Rock" and The Beatles

В фильме "The Rock"(Скала), есть момент, когда главный герой Stanley Goodspeed(Nicolas Cage) получает пластинку "Meet the Beatles".
Вот диалог главного героя, с его сослуживцем Marvin Isherwood (Todd Louiso):

Goodspeed: Yes she's here. Bring her to me now, thank you Phil.

He takes parcel and rips it open.

Marvin: What's that. Why'd you get it sent here.

Goodspeed: Carla wouldn't approve. She thinks its dumb to spend $600 on an LP.

Marvin: Carla's right. Why don't you just spend $13 on a CD.

Goodspeed: First of all its because I'm a Beatle maniac, and second, these sound better.

Alarm goes

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