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When Paul McCartney and a select band of ace musicians played this 15-song
set of vintage rockers (including two new "old" tunes) on December 14, 1999,
300 lucky people were packed into Liverpool's legendary Cavern Club, where the
Beatles got their start nearly four decades earlier. But the show--comprised
entirely of songs from McCartney's 1999 release Run Devil Run--was also seen by
a record-setting Internet audience, allowing the whole world to share the joy
of seeing McCartney return, literally and musically, to the roots of his
illustrious career. This is no-frills McCartney, liberated from the Beatles and
Wings (with the exception of a rousing "I Saw Her Standing There"), and while
the trademark McCartney howl has grown rough at the edges, his love for this
music is enduring and infectious; it's easy to imagine him 40 years earlier, in
the Cavern's previous incarnation (the old club was excavated and refurbished
in 1984), belting out a similar set with the same youthful fervor that he
demonstrates here.

Boosted by the flawless guitar duo of David Gilmour and Mick Green,
McCartney starts out unevenly (his vocals on "Lonesome Town" are undeniably
strained), but the show steadily improves, and the Mac original "Try Not to
Cry" qualifies as a bona fide highlight, proving that McCartney can hold his
own in any rock-historical context. And while the 45-minute set is regrettably
brief, this DVD includes two excellent features--a McCartney interview and a
Run, Devil, Run promo documentary--that combine illuminating history with
latter-day perspective. Band-member biographies and two 1999 music videos make
this a well-rounded package for McCartney's devoted fans. --Jeff Shannon

Description On December 14, 1999, 300 people squeezed into the Cavern Club
in Liverpool to watch Paul McCartney perform at The Beatles' legendary venue
for the first time since 1963. Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour and Deep
Purple drummer Ian Paice were among the other great musicians joining Paul on
stage. You can now view this unique piece of rock 'n' roll history, as well as
two of Paul's latest music videos and an interview with him on this special DVD
release. Songs: Honey Hush, Blue Jean Bop, Brown-Eyed Handsome Man, Fabulous,
What It Is, Lonesome Town, Twenty Flight Rock, No Other Baby, Try Not to Cry,
Shake a Hand, All Shook Up, I Saw Her Standing There, Party. 63 minutes.



2. Ringo star sings better than macca!, March 22, 2002
Reviewer: paul lacey (Bossley Park, NSW Australia)

Just a joke paul... bought this dvd hoping for something with a bit more
sparkle... Paul Mcartney is one of the best vocalists around... maybe its
because this dvd is more rock n roll orientated... thats why i dont feel
fantastic inside over this dvd, but if you are from the Bill Hayley era of time
then this ones a hit for you... The bonus features swayed me into finding this
dvd acceptable... maybe a few more hours playing this disc might convert me a
little more... shame paul didnt sing a few old beatle hits... so macca you read



3. Time to Choose More Carefully, February 6, 2002
Reviewer: Kelly Wadsworth (Washington, D.C.)

I am, and have always been a HUGE Paul McCartney fan, and like some many
other people on the planet, I associate Paul with the best that rock and roll
had/has to offer. That is why it pains me to say that, in watching and
listening to the Cavern concert performance, I was reminded of a line from a
popular song written and performed by another famous Paul [Simon] "I am leaving,
I am leaving, but the fighter still remains..."

In his prime, Paul's voice was striking in its simplicity and clarity.
Arguably, there were few, if any singers of his generation, with the exception
of John Lennon, who could challenge Paul's place in musical history as the
premier singer of rock/pop classics. I think back to a lyric from an old tune
by Leon Russell "If I could sing like Paul McCartney" and wonder if Paul
himself recognizes that time has clearly taken its toll.

Back in 1976, during his Wings Over America tour, I had the good fortune to
see Paul perform live. I don't exaggerate in saying that I was literally blown
away by his voice. That was a long time ago.

If Paul continues to remain on the scene, strictly speaking, just for the
fun of it, then good for him and long live rock and roll! If, on the other hand,
he wants to remain a viable singer/performer, it's high time he more carefully
selected material best suited to his current vocal range. His interviews
indicate a strong willed, prideful man not willing to surrender his place in
the limelight. Without doubt, no one could deny that Paul McCartney was blessed
with an uncanny and phenomenal talent. A talent which he has graciously shared
with us all these many years. It would be sad to think that he may be
attempting to prove his unparalleled talent beyond his ability to do so.



4. Good overall DVD pakage, performace lacks a bit, December 8, 2001
Reviewer: A viewer from UK

Without a doubt, this was a historical performance performed by a
historical musical figure. But, that alone cant make this a great DVD package.
The backing band was ok, the crowd was energetic, Paul's bass was decent, but
the vocals...man are they AWFUL. If anyone else but Paul McCartney would have
put out a live recording with vocals this flat and out of tune, it would
essentially have been the end of their career. As much as many of you fellow
macca fans hate to admit it, you must realize that the guy is pushing 60 and
cant belt it out like he used to any more. The voice quite frankly makes this
concert almost unbearable to listen to. Its not even like he's slightly out of
tune, at times he's a good half or full note off. I literally cringed a few
times and felt sorry for the guy. I'm sorry, but you have to rate a live video
on the music performance, not the person who performed it, and it wasnt all
that great. The band isnt as tight as they were on Run Devil Run, the solos are
not as inspiring, and the show in general was just too darn short.

Another thing about Paul is that he is now blatantly using the success of
his Beatle endeavours to promote his new stuff. You think a Paul concert
anywhere but the Cavern would have attraced such a huge internet audience? The
whole DVD seems nothing more than an hour long commercial to go buy Run Devil
Run, and it shows with the lackluster and unsatisfying performance we receive.
Funny how he denounced the Beatles until Press To Play bombed, all of a sudden
he wants to be a Beatle again, because the Beatle image alone sells his records
now, not necessarily the music. You know its true!

The two stars are for the interesting interviews, and for the awesome music
videos for Brown Eyed Handsome Man and No Other Baby. Those are two of the best
Paul videos Ive ever seen.

If you want to hear these songs done proper, just go buy the Run Devil Run
album. Its got all the same songs except for 2, and the performances are



5. Paul's voice is gone...fact not opinion., November 9, 2001
Reviewer: The Woj (DOWNERS GROVE, IL United States)

I noticed almost all reviews on Amazon that are negative toward the product
are usually hit with a "no" when asked by other readers if the review has been
been helpful. So get ready to hit "no" on this one. The performance is
definitely not spirited, plodding and uninspired would be more accurate. If any
real fan can listen to Paul sing "Shake A Hand", "Lonesome Town" or "No Other
Baby" and say his voice is not shot (to hell), they're a liar...pants on fire!
To much smoking "cheeba" for Paul, that's for sure. The back-up band carries
the performance with Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice, guitarists Mick Green and
Pink Floyd's David Gilmour raising the rating to 3 stars from a weak 2. Paul
does manage revive a little bit of the old magic on Elvis's "All Shook Up" and
"I Saw Her Standing There". If that's worth ... to you...let's roll. --This
text refers to the VHS Tape edition.



6. Live and Lively!, October 10, 2001
Reviewer: Gregg Reed (St. Louis Park, Minnesota USA)

"Live at the Cavern Club" might be Paul McCartney's best live concert DVD.
I think it's an entertaining and conceptually focused polished movie-style
documentary of Paul's history-repeated rock show at the Cavern Club in 1999.

When I received the DVD of the Cavern Club concert I felt well pleased--to
see the intimate concert in its best form, with full sound, color, and
resolution. If you are a Paul McCartney fan "Live at the Cavern Club" will be
lively, musical, and fun--but a little different, because Paul sings old rock
songs with his own new old rock songs, composed for the album "Run Devil Run."

The "Making of" documentary included on the DVD is an interesting personal
chat with Paul. The 22-minute interview also takes you to Abbey Road studios,
where Paul records the concert's album "Run Devil Run,"--starting with a Sunday
night visit to the studio where Paul desperately determines if he can sing
again for the start of his recording sessions on Monday morning. The DVD's two
music videos, one in black and white, showing Paul in a row boat in a storm on
a studio set, and the other in color, on a studio set of an old Liverpool
street, are shorts to own and play for friends. [...]

Continuity is not much of a problem in "Live at the Cavern Club." The few
minor continuity flaws (this time guitars) are a result of the live documentary
style of filming and editing. But the color, sound, and images in the historic
"Live at the Cavern Club" DVD are things you can appreciate.



7. It's Great, but..., September 7, 2001
Reviewer: Scott W. Reed (Louisville, KY USA)

Paul IS a bit flat in his singing, and I don't know why. He's not hoarse,
and his voice is strong throughout. The only thing I can think is that the
monitors weren't allowing him to hear himself over the guitars, or that the
small nature of the venue created overtones that made on-pitch singing

At any rate, it's a minor complaint. An even slightly off pitch Paul is
better than 90 percent of vocalists in the world. The playing is remarkably
refreshing. The drummer, Ian (can't remember his last name) shines thoughout,
and Dave Gilmour plays a pretty mean rockabilly guitar. --This text refers to
the VHS Tape edition.



8. Paul Delivers, Finally...., August 24, 2001
Reviewer: mr_get_real (Long Beach, CA USA)

It seems that over the years Paul has disappointed as much as he has
delivered. His albums were usually peppered with at least one or two hits to
get you to buy it, but often the rest of the album was loaded with filler. Paul
the business man making money by speading the good songs over many albums (
$$$$$$). And yes, "Band on the Run" was a great exception, but there were those
dry periods of the "not so great" releases. You never really were sure if you
should buy the latest release. Was Paul on the level this time? Finally? In any
case, I digress. The point here is that for this DVD Paul puts on a really
enjoyable show. David Gilmore of Pink Floyd playing rockabily?! Hey! It works!
It really does and I can't remember when I enjoyed an entire music video (DVD)
as much as I did this one. Just buy it and sit back and enjoy. All of the songs
are great! Every one of them! And yes, I am old enough to remember the original
Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. So trust me, I know what I am
talking about! Buy it, Paul delivers! Finally....



9.Paul delivers the goods - but so do David and Mick, July 12, 2001
Reviewer: stratNtele (Park Ridge, NJ USA)

Paul is a natural at rockabilly, totally evidenced by his singing and choice
of tunes on this DVD (kudos also to his bass playing - he's one of the best
and usually underrated). For Telecaster fans, David Gilmour and Mick Green do
yeoman service, with David taking most of the lead solos and riffs.
Bottom line - this DVD is a must-have for rockabilly and Tele fans.



10. Paul Got Old "Yes son, but he still rocks", July 10, 2001
Reviewer: paul-ramon-2000 (Indy)

My six year old son's first remark upon viewing the opening seconds of
'Live at The Cavern Club' was, "Paul got old." But soon enough we were boppin'
around trading air-guitar licks as a very "young-again" McCartney and band
stormed thru the 'Run Devil Run' 50's roots album set.

I'm a Paul fan (no apologies) - so any review would be a bit tainted - but
this is one great DVD. While not the original Cavern (long ago "...buried under
a heap of rubble"), the intimate setting helps to showcase Sir Macca's love of
pure Rock 'n Roll.

Always a great live performer, Paul puts on a fantastic show in the DVD
format. My favs - 'All Shook Up', 'What It Is' and 'No Other Baby.' Check out
the Lennonesque, "youuu" at the end of 'Baby.'

Yes son, Paul got old as has dad. But as James soon found out - Paul still



11. A McCartney DVD that's everything it should be..., June 30, 2001
Reviewer: Walter R White (Corning, NY United States)

The concert itself was fantastic - setting viewing records via the Internet,
containing a great lineup (besides McCartney, David Gilmour, Mick Green, Ian
Paice and Pete Wingfield) - but here, the extras really shine.

First, a 22 minute interview where you learn more than you ever could via
the usual celebrity interviews, with their same old questions (Yes, we know
that "Yesterday" came in a dream...)

Next, a 22 minute "making of" documentary much in the same style as his
previous "compilation" documentaries, "The World Tonight", "Movin' On" and
others. This one's chock full of great studio footage and personal anecdotes,
and isn't even listed on the DVD package as one of the extras.

Then, there's the two complete videos made to promote "No Other Baby" and
"Brown Eyed Handsome Man" - an especially welcome addition for the American
fans (and I imagine others) who never get to see these things uncut, and in
quality, if at all. (One hopes Paul will see fit to include the relevant videos
on any future re-issues of his older documentaries, to DVD.)

And then there's the concert itself - a wonderful, intimate concert (300 in
attendance, in person) - wonderfully recorded, and wonderfully transferred to
the DVD.

All in all, there's absolutely nothing which would make this better - a
complete, interesting coverage of the "Run Devil Run" album and the Cavern Club
concert, with great classic rock'n'roll to spare.



12. Not quite the Cavern -- or Paul's best effort, June 29, 2001
Reviewer: LEG (Greenville, SC)

Being a huge Beatle (and McCartney) fan, I usually buy
everything pertaining to them (or him) that I can find. This would be the one
item that might cause me to think twice about spending my hard-earned money.
The concert lacks a certain energy and Paul sings a little below pitch
throughout. He was either tired, suffering with throat problems or the monitor
system in the new Cavern was poor. It is so bad that I can hardly get through a
single number without cringing! Also, the accompanying musicians seem to lack
assurance and just "good old Rock and Roll spirit". Paul is usually much more
inspired than this. The promotional materials that accompany the concert are
great! I will still watch those a few more times -- probably not the concert.



13. "Fabulous", June 25, 2001
Reviewer: Because because@mailpersonal.com (Spain)

I bought this one at Amazon America 'cause I can't wait till 25th of
June (date of release on Europe) to see this mitical concert :) The DVD
includes two promo videos, an interview and a promo video with images of
recording sessions. Biographies of the band... You know for all Sir Macca fans
(and not) this DVD is "Fabulous"



14. McCartney's BEST Live Video, June 25, 2001
Reviewer: TheBandit (SEATAC, WA United States)

This concert is definitely worth owning on DVD. Paul performed in December of
1999 at the Cavern Club in Liverpool as a way of celebrating the end of
the year/century/millenium. It was also a celebration of his career in
rock'n'roll. Hands down, this is the best available live video McCartney has
released. It is brimming with energy and he is in excellent voice-- really
belting out these old classics. Most of the songs were from his '99 album
"Run Devil Run" (also HIGHLY recommended, especially as a companion
piece to this).

The concert includes 13 songs. Notable musicians accompanying him are Pink
Floyd's David Gilmour on guitar, and Deep Purple's Ian Paice on drums. These
guys put their all into these performances, you won't find McCartney rocking
out with more abandon in any of his other concert releases. Unlike the "Get
Back"(1990) and "Paul is Live"(1993) documents of his world tours, this is not
a slick polished presentation-- it's raw, old-fashioned rock'n'roll.

While the concert itself runs only 46 minutes, a couple worthwhile extra
features have been included. Most notable, a 22 minute featurette that
documents the making of the "Run Devil Run" album, with Paul explaining how the
songs were chosen for the album (this includes some in-the-studio footage from
the recording sessions). There is also an entertaining 17 minute interview with
Paul giving song-by-song commentary on the songs chosen to be performed in the
concert. Also included are music videos for two songs from "Run Devil Run".
These videos are actually pretty interesting and worth seeing, definitely
different from other McCartney music videos. All together, there is a little
over 90 minutes on this DVD if you watch everything-- worth the money in my

Even if you've seen this concert when it was recently broadcast on PBS, you
really should pick this up. The picture is crystal clear and the sound is



15. McCartney rocks out like he's 25, June 23, 2001
Reviewer: Matthew Woodard

Although it's not exactly THE Cavern (the real one was torn down long ago and
reopened at this location just across the street), it's looks to be a small,
crowded, hot place. In other words, the perfect place for Sir Paul and his band
of various rock alumni to give a show consisting of mostly 50's era rockers.
The band is dynamic and Paul performs these songs with the youthful abandon
of a 25 year old. Highlights include the new song "Try Not To Cry", a rousing
"I Saw Her Standing There" (the only Beatle song performed here) and the rowdy
finale of "Let's Have A Party". Of course, "I Saw Her" standing does leave you
longing for more Beatles (or even Wings) classics, but this setlist poses a
refreshing change, and except for the occasional flat/strained note (give the
guy a break, he's almost 60), McCartney is in top form. 40 minutes worth of
enjoyable interview/promo footage as well as 2 videos round out this disc
making it well worth the price of purchase.



Reviewer: A viewer from USA

This review of the "Live at the Cavern Club" DVD is based on
the PBS Special which aired in 2000 across the U.S.A.

"Live at the Cavern Club" was the live "end of the millenium" concert that
Sir Paul and friends (including Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and Ian Paice (Deep
Purple)put on at the "new" Cavern Club at the end of 1999. This has long been
rumored for DVD release for at least a year now, and with the new "Wingspan"
documentary Paul must think the time is right for the release now.

The concert consists almost entirely of songs from the then new "Run Devil
Run" rock oldies album. If you like this album and/or want to see a legendary
figure perform in the place that started it all, than this DVD will be for you.
However, besides a nod to the Beatles with "I Saw Her Standing There" at the
end of the concert, there are no other Beatles/Wings or Solo songs in the show.
If you want that check out the other new DVD Release of Paul's "Flowers in the
Dirt" "Get Back Tour Live" DVD which is being released at around the same time.

All in all, a very spirited performance by a rock legend who seems to be
really enjoying himself and a chance for us to enjoy it now on DVD as well.


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